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A guide to buying new windows in Norfolk.

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A guide to buying new windows in Norfolk.

  1. Which is the best material for double glazing
  2. The costs of installing new door & windows
  3. How to buy double glazing in Norfolk
  4. Know your rights when buying double glazing

Which is the best material for double glazing?

There are many different materials that can be used to produce double glazing windows and doors. The most popular for double glazing projects in Norfolk are timber and uPVC.

UPVC is the most common in Norfolk and most areas of the UK. Due to its durability, low cost and easy maintenance.

Timber however is the most popular with high quality finishes like no other. The maintenance can be more demanding and cost considerably higher but still timber remains the most popular choose by homeowners in Norfolk and indeed the whole of the UK.

Aluminium and composite are both other frequently used materials for double glazing doors and windows also.

Aluminium is the cheapest material used for double glazing frames. The drawbacks are poor visual effects and reduced energy values due to escaping heat.

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The costs of double glazing

There are a lot of different factors to consider when planning for your new doors and windows. These include the size of the windows, how many windows, the materials for the frames and colour styles etc..

An average window frame measuring 1 meter by 1 meter in white uPVC would cost around £290. This price you would expect to rise as per size and style.

With more people choosing to live in apartments this has brought done prices considerably with an average apartment costing between £1450 and £2800.

Houses on the larger side, either detached or semi-detached with 12 to 14 windows, homeowners can expect to budget from £4500 up to £7800 for the newest uPVC windows.

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How to buy double glazing in Norfolk?

Its no secret that buying new windows for your home can be a bit of a mine field with so many companies to choose from, where do you start?

It used to be that the smaller local companies could offer lower prices but tended to lack in service and aftercare. With the competition ever-growing, more and more nationwide companies have lowered their prices to stay competitive.

This means good news for homeowners across the country, and nationwide companies are today offering the most competitive rates and aftercare second to none.

A guide to buying doors and windows

Know your rights when buying double glazing.

A few things to double-check before signing a new window or door contract.

  • Vat included in the final price?
  • You must check any extras you have asked for are included.
  • Your contract must clearly state the final price, agreed payment details and details of the deposit.
  • A list of all materials to be used should be supplied.
  • Check for any outlined extra work and costs.
  • What are your rights to cancel? This should be stated clearly in your contract.
  • Always clearly read the small print.


This guide outlined the different materials used for double glazed windows and doors—the average costs and where to get quotes. We also touched on the importance of knowing your rights and checking your contract. We hope this has helped you with any future home improvements.